Bigger Than Bitcoin

OK OK Let’s cut to the chase, I can not stand all these bitcoin scams that keep popping up on my facebook page it’s driving me crazy.
The funny thing is the people that was advertising them was advertising face cream the other week and now they are bitcoin experts ahhhhhhhhh.

Here is some information that I got this morning taking about Skyway being bigger than Bitcoin & I agree with it 110%. All members in Skyway will make more money than any one with cryptocurrency if they take action.

SkyWay target is to build 50 million km road in the next 30 years.

Market potential is $500 trillion for the next 30 years.

Approx. 20-30% will be given back to people who today are helping to build and promote the SkyWay globally. That would be approx $50-100 trillion.

G20 total debt is $176 trillion. UK, Russia, Australia, US also included. Meaning we ordinary people also have to give back this money.

30 year plan and profitability is approx $100 -150 trillion per year.

Bitcoin – 21 million BTC in total will be created. Out of which 12-14 million has been created and floated in the market already. Experts say that 1 BTC can reach value of $1 million. So the market potential of the BTC could be $21 trillion in the next 100+ years. And the last BTC will be created in 2146 (per calculation).

SkyWay has the market potential $500 trillion with the technology behind it and huge demand in the market. Plus we plan to fill our targets within 30 years or even faster, because of the created automatic robots systems. Building 1000 km per month.

London-Tokyo – 15’000 km could be build within 15 month.

London – Barcelona – 8-12 month maximum

So you can see the BTC has nothing.. no assets.. maximum potential is $21 trillion in the next 100 years..

1) Market cap
2) Robots will replace people and people will loose their job, social crisis.

Right now I am holding and secured 3 million Pre IPO equity shares, each share will be worth minimum of 1$ per share.

Best business opportunity out there by a mile and it’s a real brick and mortar business.

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New Skyway video

Skyway new video showing progress of this amazing project.

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