A brand new blockchain

by Skyway transport group
We have all heard of Bitcoin, right? Well BTC is struggling to be stable simply because it has no real assets to back up the value, this is why the price can go up and down very very fast.
Well, skyway is bringing out their own blockchain that has REAL assets to back up the value of the coin/token. Amazing news for all skyway investors because soon we will get the chance to secure some tokens and sell them for real $$$$.
If you are still sitting on the fence about skyway don't wait any longer as you will miss out on the best business opportunities out there.

The video below is from Andrey Khovratov - CEO of the group of companies Sky Way Invest Group, SkyWay shareholder, author and creator of the educational project - Private Investor Academy, professional investor, business-coach and financial investments coach, masters degree in Network management business. Enjoy

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