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So my online business nearly came to an end at one point because of all the scams etc. I made good money from my Mobile App business and was going to crack on with that and forget about the rest that kept popping up on my facebook feed.

My online buddy Jens Jensen showed me skyway when it was only drawings, I laughed at him and said no way mate this is a total scam. Well how wrong was I lol, I was so so wrong but he kept at me to join, so I said to him as soon as they put the foundations in sign me up and I did 16 months ago. Video below shows them building skyway in Minsk called Eco Techno Park ( built for investors to try out )

August 2016 I signed up and quit my mobile app business to concentrate on skyway. Why you ask? Very simple this has already made me a millionaire on paper. Yes I know what you are thinking but it’s very true and the picture below shows just 1 of many of my Certificates that I have ordered so I can hold in my hand. Each Share will be worth minimum of 1$ when we go public in the near future and we will go public.

Plus skyway pays you in cash, you can either withdraw this or reinvest to purchase more equity in the company. My mentor always says to me “Craig have a goal and reinvest 100% until you hit it”

Well my goal was to hit 1 million pre IPO equity shares, I have over 3 million now and my next goal is to hit 5 million before skyway goes public. It’s not all about the money, it’s what I will do with it that’s key. My goal is to help the homeless and skyway will give me the opportunity to do it.

From a guy that was bankrupt a few years ago to becoming a future millionaire is a dream come true. If I can do this so can you, all you need to do is take action. You can either be a silent investor or you can do what we do and build a good team that is helping everyone to make money and enjoy life.

Video below is top brass members of all types of Governments, councils and investors talking about what skyway will do to the people and the planet.

If you like what you see then join us and get started straight away by going HERE

This is a real brick and mortar business no bs no fluff.

All the best

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