Do Not Miss This Opportunity

by Skyway transport group

My goal or dream was to hit 1 million pre ipo equity shares. I have now hit my other milestone and now have over 3 million pre ipo equity shares banked.

People say yeah ok then it’s just numbers on a screen. Wrong we get certificates to say we OWN these.

Each pre ipo equity shares will be worth minimum of $1 when we go public.

Millionaire in the making for all skyway members if you take action.

Pm me for more information and don’t get caught up with all these bitcoin scams as this will make you more money that’s for sure.

So been online since 2010 and made no bad money here and there but nothing comes close to Skyway since not only do you get money & can withdraw this at anytime, but reinvested it to earn the 3 million shares I have so far. I only took out $1000 just to see if it works and it does. Video below shows me in Tenerife in October this year pulling out cash live from Skyway

So here is a break down of what I have been paid since End of August 2017 to December 14th 2017.

So let’s do some maths since figures don’t lie.

Since 22nd of August 2017 I started my 1st 250$ package and in September I bought another three 250$ packages.

So all in the total of packages is 4×250=1000

Each package is 250$ per month.

So my out goings was 1000$ a month.

In 5 months I have only got 1 more payment left.

So this wil mean I have paid 39 payments of 250$


In a nutshell skyway has paid me $9750 from August 22nd to December 14th 2017.

In Total Skyway has paid me $20,100

Show me a online business that pays out fast like this and gives you equity in the business.

I have reinvested $19,100 (took out $1000 to test out withdraw) and have 3 million pre ipo equity shares banked.

Each pre ipo equity share will be worth minimum of 1$ when we go public.

Best investment I have ever done.

What a feeling going to sleep and get up to see cash in your account.

Image below shows a breakdown of my payments

So do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime. If you would like to know more please go HERE

All the best

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