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by Skyway transport group
Hi, my name is Craig Scott and been online since 2010. It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride but I never gave up and in this blog post I will explain my journey and the "WHY" I got started with Skyway.

I am 40 years old, stay in Scotland been married for nearly 5 years now and a baby on the way. I was a panel beater at Trade for 23 years. Back in 2010, I saw my trade go down the tubes rapidly, so I wanted to do another trade but I would need to go to college for another 4 years without guaranteeing me a job. I can remember like it was Yesterday, so I typed in "how to make money online" as we do lol. I couldn't believe how much stuff there was online.

Sadly I did lose money but I have gained it all back and plus more simply because I never gave up. This is the issue with people online, they give up far too easy and it never works for them. Well in this post am hoping to change that for you and explain what works and what doesn't.
Like I said I lost loads of money including my wedding funds but as you can see I managed to get it back with the help of my parents, I have paid them back of course but it wasn't easy telling my wife to be the bad news. This made her hate what I was doing online even more but she believed in me and carried on.

I have been bankrupt before so I know how hard it is to not have any money. The good thing is you don't really need that much money to get started and I will explain more in this post.

Letter Of Discharge

So when I first got started online back in 2010 I had no clue where to start, fast forward to 2018 I now show people how to build and rank websites, mobile apps and videos on Google. So if I can do it so can you, all you need to do is take ACTION....

So my days of getting started were very confusing and never had a clue how to open files or zip them up lol no joke.

So if you are the same do not worry because it's a learning curve but it does work and I can show you the steps. Anyone can make money online, all you need to do is get eyeballs on your product. They say there is a 1% conversion rate and I believe that. This means you need at least 100 people to see your offer before 1 person buys or contacts you and that's if you have a converting website. I will explain more in depth about this in my training, this post is to express my journey.

Yes, that is real money above and was so happy that I could see my online business grow daily. It took me years to get to this stage but I can certainly show you the faster way to do it that's for sure and cut out all the bs that's online.

So I started earning good money online but there was a big issue ahead of my life that caused me to lose my online business and that was losing my day job, so the money that was coming in I had to use that to pay bills etc, eventually I had no money to use for advertising my business and ended up losing everything. So back in 2012, I decided to learn how to build websites/mobile apps and can now rank them on Google. This would be included in my FREE training as well. It's all about getting yourself out there and finding something that works for you.

The image above is a payment from Amazon, I got paid this because I had Amazon ads running on my mobile apps, again I can show you how to do this in my FREE Training.
The key to running an online business is to want to do it and you are happy to promote it, most people advertise scams or never tested the so-called money making system, they invite loads of people in and the become the Scammer. I know what it's like getting scammed I detest the people you start them up and they should get jailed, to be honest.

The most important thing with any business is Traffic and having a list. If you don't have a list you don't have a business, most marketers don't build a list and hope for the best. Wrong way to do it and I will show you these steps in my training.

You need to brand you and just be you, show people your why and why you got started, we all have a story and you will get people that hate you. If you do so what you can't please everyone, I can show you my haters in action with abusive messages lol, they are just sad individuals that will always be broke. You don't need they kind of people in your life and that will bring me on to the topic of the mindset.

I will continue my story Tomorrow

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