High Speed Unibus/ Skyway Investment Group

by Skyway transport group

International exhibition Innotrans is one of the biggest events in the transport industry. This year it is promised to show a huge number of new products - 130 world premiers in the field of transport technologies are expected. As it was announced earlier, new samples of the rolling stock - high-speed unibus and eighteen-seat unicar - will be delivered from SkyWay to Innotrans 2018. Innotrans determines the main trends, and judging by the numerous press releases from the participants, as well as the statements made by the SkyWay management, the company will reflect all the most current trends in the transport industry. Down below are some images and videos from Day 1 of Innotrans.




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This is an alert!! We will be moving to stage 13 in October so if you are thinking about joining I would do it well before October. We will be building a new test site in Dubai very soon so look out for more information about this from us.

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