Lottery Funds

Has the Lottery worked for US? Nope so why not give Skyway a Go? You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. This business will go public next year & each share will be worth more than you paid for them.

Here are some facts about Skyway. Skyway was invented way back in 1978 by a guy called Anatoly Yunitskiy See more

So let's talk about numbers. Not sure how many of you are up for this so let's keep the numbers simple.

Let's say 10 of us put $10 into this a month (£8) this will give us a package for 10 months so 10 x 10 = $1000.

For 10$ for 10 months package we get 15,000 shares each. Skyway said they will go pubic next year & will be worth minimum of 1$.

So for 10$ (£8) a month for 10 months in total you will pay $100 (£80)

That $100 will give you a ROI of $15,000 (£12k) No brainer if you ask me.....

Videos below explain what skyway is. If you are interested then let me know. This is a real brick & mortar business, 7 contracts already signed & worth billions.

Do not let this go by you cheers

If you are interested & would like to know more about Skyway watch the video below & remember to let me know so we can get this up & running for us all.

Don't think I will be offended if you say no as I already place $310 a month in Skyway anyway. I just wanted to give you all the chance to become a co-owner of this amazing business opportunity.