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by Skyway transport group
So my online business nearly came to an end at one point because of all the scams etc. I made good money from my Mobile App business and was going to crack on with that and forget about the rest that kept popping up on my facebook feed. My online buddy Jens Jensen showed me skyway when it was only drawings, I laughed at him and said no way mate this is a total scam. Well how wrong was I lol, I was so so wrong but he kept at me to join, so I said to him as soon […]

Do Not Miss This Opportunity

by Skyway transport group
My goal or dream was to hit 1 million pre ipo equity shares. I have now hit my other milestone and now have over 3 million pre ipo equity shares banked. People say yeah ok then it’s just numbers on a screen. Wrong we get certificates to say we OWN these. Each pre ipo equity shares will be worth minimum of $1 when we go public. Millionaire in the making for all skyway members if you take action. Pm me for more information and don’t get caught up with all these bitcoin scams as this will make you more money […]