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Innotrans 2018

by Skyway transport group
It is less than 2 weeks before the presentation takes place of the first industrial sample of the high-speed SkyWay unibus, which is capable of accelerating to 500km/h. The way it will be is one of the main intrigues of the trade fair InnoTrans 2018 to be held in Berlin from 18 to 21 September. However, some details regarding this development were revealed to investors at this year’s EcoFest, an annual event that takes place on-site of the testing and demonstration center of the company-developer of SkyWay transport systems, EcoTechnoPark. Features and prospects High-speed SkyWay is one of the most […]

The Time Is Now

by Skyway transport group
So the new update has come and it’s getting close to the next stage, stage 13 will be here in October. What does this mean for you and for all investors? Well, it’s a step closer to stage 15, IPO stages and you will get less for your money if you join after stage 13. So, in a nutshell, the time is now, to be honest with you as you will be crazy to miss out on this business opportunity. I have been online since 2010 and nothing comes close to this since it’s so real you can touch it. […]