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Innotrans 2018

by Skyway transport group
It is less than 2 weeks before the presentation takes place of the first industrial sample of the high-speed SkyWay unibus, which is capable of accelerating to 500km/h. The way it will be is one of the main intrigues of the trade fair InnoTrans 2018 to be held in Berlin from 18 to 21 September. However, some details regarding this development were revealed to investors at this year’s EcoFest, an annual event that takes place on-site of the testing and demonstration center of the company-developer of SkyWay transport systems, EcoTechnoPark. Features and prospects High-speed SkyWay is one of the most […]

New App

by Skyway transport group
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Hi there,   I hope you are having a nice weekend so far? I have just fininshed my Skyway mobile app for our skyway members. I made this so I can help the team to grow and to help you grow. All you do is sign up, fill out application and go to the vip tab. Any questions please let me know. The app is only on Google play at the moment, so if you are using Apple just use qrcode or click the webapp logo. To download the app please click here   All the best   Craig

Do Not Miss This Opportunity

by Skyway transport group
My goal or dream was to hit 1 million pre ipo equity shares. I have now hit my other milestone and now have over 3 million pre ipo equity shares banked. People say yeah ok then it’s just numbers on a screen. Wrong we get certificates to say we OWN these. Each pre ipo equity shares will be worth minimum of $1 when we go public. Millionaire in the making for all skyway members if you take action. Pm me for more information and don’t get caught up with all these bitcoin scams as this will make you more money […]

Not To Be Missed

by Skyway transport group
Please register for FREE Webinar  “Where to start? Short investment guide For Skyway” on Feb 21, 2017 7:00 PM GMT 1. Cashflow Quadrant 2. The importance of investing 3. XXI century fast growing projects 4. Introduction to SkyWay technology 5. Investment opportunity & strategy 6. QA If you are interested in 1 bit of this amazing opportunity, then please attend webinar As this will explain the future of skyway . Australia Government is on this, so is India, Turkey, Ireland, Russia, UK and so many more are very interested in this. Do not wait any longer as the […]


by Skyway transport group
Skyway webinar should not be missed as we are getting closer to the IPO stages. This means when skyway goes public then we will be able to sell the shares. Each share is worth 50 cents & will be going up again very soon. Once they go public next year each share will be worth $1, so it’s a perfect time to join & invest in your future. Join the webinar here to register Tomorrow on Thursday the 9th of Feb 2017.…/6389018357319530753 1. Time to change your “JOB” 2. Ideal workplace 3. Follow your vision & mission 4. SkyWay […]

Hello From SkyWay Transport Group

by Skyway transport group
Hi & welcome to this site. Skyway Transport is a brand new technology. This site will show you how you can get 1000% ROI.