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crowdfunding business opportunity

by Skyway transport group
This is an alert if you are reading this from email and don’t see the video please CLICK HERE!! Crowdfunding at it’s best Hi, my name is Craig Scott and just back from Minsk after taking a visit to ecofest. This business has got to be the best Crowdfunding business opportunity out there by a mile. Been online since 2010 and nothing comes close to this plus it’s real and you can be a co-owner of this company. Down below I will be sharing my review of skyway and how it will change your life if you take action….. Download […]

Live withdraw update

by Skyway transport group
Skyway paying out less than 24hours Do not miss this opportunity Change your life forever


by Skyway transport group
So my online business nearly came to an end at one point because of all the scams etc. I made good money from my Mobile App business and was going to crack on with that and forget about the rest that kept popping up on my facebook feed. My online buddy Jens Jensen showed me skyway when it was only drawings, I laughed at him and said no way mate this is a total scam. Well how wrong was I lol, I was so so wrong but he kept at me to join, so I said to him as soon […]