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Moving To Stage 13

by Skyway transport group
SkyWay Group of Companies announces the successful completion of the 12th stage of development and transition to the 13th stage. The transition to the new stage of development will take place on December 12, 2018, at 23.59 (Moscow time) and will bring about a decrease in the current discount. Important: The current phase of development of the project and the initiation of new directions in activities leads to the growth of investment attraction to SkyWay Group of Companies. Considering this circumstance and acting in the interests of investors, the management has taken a decision on a phased reduction of the […]

Innotrans 2018

by Skyway transport group
It is less than 2 weeks before the presentation takes place of the first industrial sample of the high-speed SkyWay unibus, which is capable of accelerating to 500km/h. The way it will be is one of the main intrigues of the trade fair InnoTrans 2018 to be held in Berlin from 18 to 21 September. However, some details regarding this development were revealed to investors at this year’s EcoFest, an annual event that takes place on-site of the testing and demonstration center of the company-developer of SkyWay transport systems, EcoTechnoPark. Features and prospects High-speed SkyWay is one of the most […]


by Skyway transport group
Skyway webinar should not be missed as we are getting closer to the IPO stages. This means when skyway goes public then we will be able to sell the shares. Each share is worth 50 cents & will be going up again very soon. Once they go public next year each share will be worth $1, so it’s a perfect time to join & invest in your future. Join the webinar here to register Tomorrow on Thursday the 9th of Feb 2017.…/6389018357319530753 1. Time to change your “JOB” 2. Ideal workplace 3. Follow your vision & mission 4. SkyWay […]