Tomorrow is the Day we head to Ecofest 2018

by Skyway transport group

Just a wee catch up to say we're off to Minsk Tomorrow for ecofest 2018. So looking forward to it and meeting the team. I will be sharing members only news so you can keep up to date with news and the future of Skyway and the brand only from my mobile app. See link below or go here

If you are still sitting on the fence about skyway, then I can say to you that you have nothing to fear, we have passed the high-risk stage ages ago and we are well on our way in getting closer to IPO Stages. I can remember seeing skyway when it was just drawings lol. Now it's real and ready to take over the world...... Check out this video below and please download the app that will give you up to date news of Ecofest 2018.


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