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by Skyway transport group
The First video from the UAE construction site
You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself in important tasks. Which is exactly why the long awaited video from the UAE, filmed back at the end of September, is being shown only today, when all of the nuances have been sorted and documents signed.

Preparation for the construction in the UAE began in Spring of 2018. An extremely complex SkyWay innovative centre project in a tropical variation was created as preparatory work, including three new overpasses, freight and passenger rolling stock, as well as elevated infrastructure – stations, depo, turnouts, an intellectual safety, management, energy savings and control system. At the same time, negotiations were underway with the local authorities, orders for construction and installation works, equipment and special constructions have been placed not only in the UAE, but also in a number of other countries on several continents.

You can hear about the grand SkyWay construction in the United Arab Emirates firsthand in the videocomment by the general designer – Anatoly Yunitskiy.
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