UniMobile mobility for people with disabilities

by Skyway transport group
We continue the cycle of publications devoted to the latest developments, which were demonstrated to the public during the EcoFest 2018. One of them is an electric vehicle for people with disabilities (uniMobile).
In the design of this vehicle for the first time in history, an engineering solution is embodied in which a person with a disability, being in a wheelchair, has the ability to drive.

"Everything we do is filled with humanism: the only right attitude towards the world is through love to all of humanity and every person," commented Anatoly Yunitsky, general designer of SkyWay, in his speech. "We have a lot of people among investors with disabilities, including wheelchairs, and I promised to help them by expanding their communicability and providing the new opportunities. Not only for our investors. About 130 million people in the world are disabled wheelchair users, who depend on mobility to receive jobs. With this electric car, they can become, for example, taxi drivers or pizza dispensers. The driver will drive into the car in a wheelchair and, sitting in it, will be able to control it. The chair itself is designed as a driver's seat, has an electric drive, on which you can drive 40 km at a speed of up to 20 km / h, that is, the wheelchair itself, which has no analogues in the world, is a small electric vehicle. We will show this development at a specialized exhibition in Moscow in September this year, in order to attract maximum attention not only to development but also to the problem of mobility for people with disabilities."
  • To date, there are solutions for the transport of disabled people around the world, but mostly these are modifications and re-equipment of production cars
  • Minibuses equipped with lifting mechanisms with the fixing of wheelchairs and with tension belts inside/
  • Robotic systems that fold the wheelchair into the luggage compartment of a conventional car, while the user himself is transplanted from the wheelchair to the car and back/
  • Vehicles of class L7 (quadracycle), whose weight is not loaded to 400 kg, engine power up to 15 kW, speed up to 45 km / h/
  • Each of these options has its own set of negative qualities and cannot fully serve as a full solution;
  • They do not combine all the necessary needs that are solved in the unimobile.
  • when developing the technical concept of the vehicle, the main task was to provide people with disabilities with individual mobility with the maximum degree of independence.
  • The vehicle, which is a full-fledged electric vehicle, will enable disabled people to fully realize their potential - to reach their place of work, study, leisure, lead a more independent way of life.
  • The vehicle was designed taking into account the ergonomic features of people with disabilities and disabled wheelchair users. As a result, the driver or passenger is not required to leave the wheelchair, which is also an automobile seat.
  • A specially designed lock reliably locks the wheelchair to the body and ensures the safety of the user while driving. A similar lock locks the passenger seat, which makes it possible to easily change the seat and the wheelchair if necessary. The car will not start moving if the lock does not lock: the light indicator will light.
  • Hand controls are comfortable and functional and duplicate conventional pedals and switches.
  • Access to the vehicle is organized in such a way that the user, without leaving the stroller and without assistance, can get into the cabin through a special ramp-lift located in the rear part of the body, the control of which is implemented from the remote control. Light and sound indicators accompany and secure the process of landing / disembarking the driver and passenger.
  • The back doors and the mechanism of turning the seat provide a more comfortable fit.
  • The overall length of the car allows you to park perpendicular to the curb and provides a landing/landing directly on the pavement. This feature also allows you to park on standard parking spaces, not just on dedicated sites.
  • The presence of a parking radar and a rearview camera simplifies parking and increases safety;
  • the use of rear-view cameras with LCD-displays instead of conventional mirrors provides the necessary overview and image quality.
  • The car is equipped with an electric drive with a recovery system, which, in addition to the economy, has a low level of toxic effects on the environment. The absence of a gearbox facilitates control
  • When transporting passengers in wheelchairs, the accompanying driver also provides a comfortable landing/disembarkation using a ramp-lift.
  • The vehicle meets all the safety requirements for M1 class cars and can be used on public roads.
  • Specifications.
  • The maximum speed is 100 km / h
  • Power reserve - 120 km.
  • The equipped weight is 990 kg.
  • Charging the battery - from the household network.
  • The time of full charge is 10 hours.
  • As an option, the vehicle can be equipped with a wheelchair with an electric drive of its own design with a power reserve of up to 40 km.
We remind you that from 4 to 20 August 2018 a competition for the best name for the first prototype of the SkyWay vehicle is held. If you want to take part and compete for the main prize in the amount of 100,000 investment shares - go to unimobile.by site and fill out a simple participant form.

The name of the vehicle will be announced for the first time at the specialized exhibition InvaExpo, Society for All, which will be held from September 12 to 14, 2018. on the territory of EANE (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy) in Moscow.

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